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The Fool Tarot card meaning


The Fool Tarot is the Major Arcana card. Read the article from an expert Tarot reader to learn meaning and interpretation of the Tarot Fool in readings.

Zero or 22nd Major Arcana Tarot Fool card, also known as “Madman”, “Spirit of Ether”, “Jester” – this is a complex energy, despite its name.

First or last?

Different Tarot masters find a separate place for the card and therefore interpret the card differently. So, for many, this is the zero Arcana, the beginning of the deck is naivety and ignorance, youth and spiritual blindness. This is a symbol of the beginning of the path or spiritual self-improvement. This is a “raw material” that is predetermined to grow and mature on its path to find its destiny.

Some Tarot masters, on the contrary, put the Fool Tarot at the last spot in the deck. Here the interpretation is different – a person who has gone through a lot is still spiritually immature. In this case Socrates’ quote “I know that I know nothing” matches the meaning of the card. And the interpretation is that you need to move on as it is, even if you go astray, relying on your faith and trust to the whole world.

Upright Fool Tarot meaning


Whichever position in the deck you choose, there are general interpretations of the Fool Tarot. Its meaning in the upright position is as follows:
• spontaneity;
• unexpected twist of fate;
• invention;
• the beginning of the trip;
• starting from scratch;
• trust in higher powers;
• strange accidents that change life;
• innocent, ignorant, carefree.

The Fool Tarot Major Arcana represents the following groups of people: children and newborns, teenagers, beginners, adventurers and vagabonds, dreamers, inexperienced, eccentric people, homosexuals or bisexuals, mystics.
The Fool is always cheerful and laid-back, ready to take risks, he does not take himself seriously and acts intuitively, following his inner voice and keeping optimistic attitude. Sometimes you just have to be optimistic! This is another important mystical meaning of the Fool Tarot card.


The Fool reversed

If you have the Fool falling out in a reversed position while doing a spread, then this speaks of fear of the unknown, of thoughtless risk and inability to control oneself. It’s like balancing on the edge of an abyss, a silly game with life.
Other meanings of the Fool reversed:
• irresponsibility;
• inconsistency;
• unsuccessful decision;
• chatter, boasting, throwing words to the wind;
• a waste of strength and energy.

In an inverted position, it represents players, fickle and reckless people, insane brave men.

The Fool Tarot combinations

If the Fool falls out in a spread with:
Magician – strange ideas, crazy inventions.
High Priestess – victory, achievement, success in a forgotten business.
Empress – an unexpected pregnancy, income from heaven.
Emperor – a new order, peace.
Hierophant – finding a partner, occultism.
Lovers – trust, new relationships, openness in feelings.
Chariot – uncontrollable action, unpredictability, you just need to take your time.
Strength – think before making a decision, limit your crazy impulses.
Hermit – purification, struggle, search for a new one.
Wheel of Fortune – pleasant surprises.
Justice – problems with the law, legal errors.
Hanged Man – a prison, a government house.
Death – bad news.
Temperance – reconciliation, success.
Devil – ill will, mistake, lie.
Tower – problems from the past.
Star – freedom, unpredictability.
Moon – neurosis, alcoholism / drug addiction, childhood fears.
Sun – fame.
Judgment – healing, public speaking.
Peace – an adventure, a trip, a journey.


The Fool Tarot for love, finance and health

If an upright Fool Tarot card falls out in fortune telling for the future, the meaning will be as follows: a new beginning, a new period in life, a fateful decision, the birth of a child is possible.
The Fool in fortune telling on relationships indicates an easy union without obligations.
In fortune-telling on work and career, the Fool in a direct position indicates financial and career problems, a possible change of job or leadership.
Tarot the Fool does not give a direct answer to the question, it is possible yes or no, something unexpected can change everything.
If in daily divination you got a card of the Fool, then this is a good forecast. It points to an easy day, fun, full of surprises. But surprise may not be necessarily pleasant. In any situation it is important to maintain a positive attitude and trust the Fate!

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