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Feminine energy according to the Vedas


How to fill yourself with feminine energy? In this article we will break stereotypes and tell you about what the Vedas broadcast on the topic of femininity.

Every woman at least once questioned herself what true femininity is. What should it be, and should it generally correspond to a certain image? Why is there a limited framework in the concept of femininity in the Vedas: meekness, gentleness, ministration?

Let’s consider a few important points for those who want to learn how to fill themselves with feminine energy and beauty. Further we will cover up:

  • Striving for outer beauty
  • Striving for self-development
  • Loving yourself
  • Strengthening the feminine planets: Moon and Venus
  • A healthy lifestyle is the key to gaining female energy
  • Mantra of Feminine Energy

Striving for outer beauty

In fact, everything is very simple here: beauty is in grooming and self-love. Developing the feminine energy involves taking care of yourself in all matters, including appearance. The main thing here is not how a true woman should look, because everyone has different tastes and preferences. You can be very feminine if you just take care of yourself, are neat and tidy. Clothes – nice and clean, having nails done, fine hair, healthy look and fresh face.

Treat yourself with a massage at least once a month. According to the Vedas, feminine energy is of a touching nature, so that it does not stagnate, the body must be constantly kneaded, spreading energy throughout the body.


Striving for self-development

How to return feminine energy and feel vitality? Listen to music every day. Visit interesting exhibitions and galleries. Read books. Go to a lecture of your favorite author, take self-development training, learn a new culture.

Self-development will not only help you increase your feminine energy, but also be the person with whom you can talk on any topic, who always has own opinion on any issue. You will not be afraid to change your worldview and become a welcome interlocutor in any company.

Loving yourself

No feminine energy appears without confidence. A woman should not have doubts about her look and inner beauty. Femininity is about accepting yourself for who you are. If you don’t like something about yourself, you deny your nature. Once you understand that you are a unique person, beautiful both inside and outside, you will be saturated with feminine energy. It is not so easy to do this, but nothing is impossible. Our complexes are the result of our doubts.

How to fill with feminine energy through self-love? Read relevant literature on this topic or talk to a psychologist if you cannot accept yourself and your personality on your own.


Strengthening the feminine planets: Moon and Venus

From the astrology point of view, in order to strengthen the female energy, one should seek help from such important planets for a woman as the Moon and Venus. They have opposite characteristics, but both symbolize femininity and attractiveness. The moon is kind, mysterious, thoughtful, possessing secret knowledge, a good wife, host. Venus is seductive, attractive, passionate, sexy, energetic. In fact, both images coexist in every woman: the Moon and Venus. It’s just that one of them manifests itself more strongly, and the second fades into the background.

The main thing here is to balance both images and not go from one extreme to another. Someone is a Moon person, some are more of a Venus personality. Being in harmony with both planets is very important.

Moon in harmony – acceptance of all your qualities, support of loved ones, wisdom, gentleness, inner peace, giving coziness and comfort, caring for loved ones. To enhance the energy of the moon, you can wear light, better white clothes, this is the color of the moon. You can also buy pearls, as mentioned in one of the articles, it is pearls that are the precious stone of the moon and this is an effective way to enhance the energy of this planet. How to fill yourself with feminine energy with the help of the moon? Stand more often, but rather meditate under the moonlight. Be careful to other people.

Venus in harmony – love for your body, self-care, self-confidence, a desire to please others, especially men, the ability to flirt and give love, joy and lightness, sexuality, naturalness. How to replenish feminine energy with the help of Venus? Surround yourself with beautiful things, go to an art exhibition to join the beautiful, thank your loved ones, you can just because they are in your life. Wear Venus stones – diamond, rock crystal, turquoise, quartz.

MYTH: If your planet is masculine (Mars or Sun) – you most probably cannot be feminine.

This is FALSE. A woman always remains feminine, even if her planet is characterized by masculine qualities. In a woman, they can manifest themselves in a completely different way, have a certain charm and give individuality. There is no need to be afraid of the qualities of your planets, on the contrary, try to find harmony with them. A woman should be natural in nature. For example, if your planet is Mars, you cannot cultivate a gentle innocent image in yourself, but you will ignite everything around you, you are a fiery and passionate person. And this is also femininity. Do not forget that this concept is multifaceted. The main thing is self-confidence and acceptance of their strengths.


A healthy lifestyle is a key to a feminine energy.

Being health is trending now, and Vedic astrology supports this. All bad habits weaken the female energy.

How to Attract Feminine Energy? Exercise! Choose your activity: yoga, pilates, dancing or stretching. You will immediately feel yourself filled with feminine energy right after the first training.

It is also very important to go to bed not very late, get enough sleep to feel vigorous and fresh. Do not forget that all fatigue is reflected primarily on the face. For a natural renewal of the body and for gaining female beauty, you need to go to bed until 10 pm. If you do not sleep much, experience constant stress, are often nervous, then in such conditions it is very difficult to remain full and feminine. Therefore, it is important to relax and rest every day! It can be aromatherapy, spa treatments, massages.

Meditation can also help you raise the level of feminine power. Especially if you are meditating outdoors, in nature. You can go out of town at least once a week, or go to the park to be saturated with the energy of trees and fresh air. Walking to the water is useful: lake, river, reservoir.

Mantra of Feminine Energy

How to fill yourself with feminine energy and natural strength? Women’s practices will help to fill the female energy, namely, the practice of listening, reading and chanting mantras. The mantra of the female energy Adi Shakti is best suited for these purposes. Here is the text:





Dear women, remember that femininity is inherent in each of you, and it will certainly not be difficult for you to develop it. Do not take Vedic advice literally, but extract the most useful from everything and just be yourself!

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