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Palmistry Fate Line Reading


Today we will consider the fourth main line on the palm of your hand – the fate line. But unlike the other three lines, not every person may find the fate line on their palms.

The fate line is the vertical line that crosses the center of the palm. It begins at the wrist and rushes up to the finger of Saturn, the middle finger. For some, this line may not even reach the head line. For some, it goes to the very end – to the ring finger.

fate line

What does fate line on the hand mean?

Every line on the palm of your hand has its own meaning, check out our palm hand reading guide. The fate line indicates to us that we have dreams and aspirations. This line speaks of a person’s desire to achieve their goals. It shows how strong a person’s capabilities are, how successful, purposeful and determined he or she is.

Palm reading generally accepts that the fate line in hand distinguishes people with special luck. Such people often manage to avoid trouble in a completely magical way, as if they are protected by higher powers. Moreover, such people in most cases make the right decisions that further affect their lives.

You can see different types of fate line on palms of different people. Each type indicates on certain meaning, and it is important to understand what information is hold in your palms.

fate line

Lengths of the line

There is a misconception that the longer the fate line the more successful and successful a person will be. This is far from the case. Globally a long fate line palm often belongs to poor people. It only says that all their lives they asked for alms – that is, they were engaged in the same business. Their main goal is to feed and survive, and they achieve this goal constantly with the help of alms. The fate line can be short, but it can show that a person has a sea of ​​motivation and determination. And it will definitely be implemented.

If there is no fate line

In palm reading fate line may even be absent at all. You should know that this is far from a verdict and the absence of a line of fate does not doom you to failure. You will definitely live a rich and interesting life, you just most likely will not have a need for self-realization and success in any area. You are a person walking with the flow, living in the present.

The beginning of the fate line

  1. If your fate line in palm comes from the life line, as if merging with it, this suggests that as a child you were strongly influenced by the family. Until now, your mind retains the idea of ​​the world and life that your relatives told you about in childhood.
  2. In palmistry fate line may even start in the center of your palm. So if your line begins as a separate line from the center of the palm, this indicates that since childhood you were distinguished by independence, always had your own opinion and did not succumb to other people’s influence. You do not like control, you always make your own decisions. Also, such a line may indicate that you were not very close to your family.
  3. If your destiny line is very distant from the life line, you want to devote yourself to social activities, help people, and do charity work.
  4. If your fate line begins on the wrist, it means that from childhood you dreamed of a certain profession, which in the end you decided to devote your life to. You always know in which direction to move and what is the best to do. They may call you the lucky ones Not everyone manages to understand their purpose from the very beginning.

How to determine time by the fate line

fate line

Fate line palmistry provides us an option to check on the time periods by its disposition. The first 35 years are reflected in the time span from the beginning of the line of fate to the head line. Then there is a segment of the period from 36 to 55 years: it is located between the head line and the heart line. The rest of the life starts from the heart line.

Why do many have a fate line ending at 35? In fact, everything is obvious here. Usually up to 35 years old we manage to figure out ourselves: what we want to do, in which direction we should move. By this age, many people have developed an established profession, occupation. It so happens that the line is interrupted, then starts again with several segments. Broken fate line indicates that during the specified period of time you may decide to change your occupation, change your life. For example, it often happens that a person decides to get a second higher education and move in a different direction, or opens his or her private business in a completely different field, in which he was used to working before, and so on.

It also happens that your fate line starts from the heart line or even higher. This means that only at this age did you find your purpose and have already begun to consciously move in this direction.

If you have a double fate line, it means that you are a jack of all trades. You can do several things at the same time, all knowledge is easy for you, and you can find yourself in almost any profession. Often if the fate line splits in two, such people have their own passions and hobbies. Which they can monetize.

fate line

End of the fate line

  1. If your fate line curves towards the index finger, you are interested in philosophy, law, and politics.
  2. If your line ends under the middle finger, you will devote yourself to education, banking, medicine, trade – common professions.
  3. If the fate line ends under the ring finger, you are a creative person. You can be an artist, musician, designer, etc.
  4. If your fate line ends with a trident, it means that you can achieve everything you want in life. Fate line branches indicate that you are talented in many ways and whichever field you choose to develop your potential you will easily get success.
  5. If your fate line ends at the base of your little finger, you are a very sociable person and your profession is most likely related to journalism, television, and sales. Generally. In the area where you need to constantly communicate with people.

All this knowledge is useful, but does not provide full depth. Palmistry is a multifaceted science that studies even every small line. Even a children line can provide a broad vision to a different areas of your life, but you have to interpret it together with other lines. All this matters in a comprehensive analysis of the personality. With the help of palmistry, you can find out your purpose, see your future partner, children, when marriage comes, is it possible to change fate for the better, when to expect changes, how to improve health, and so on.

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