Tarot 1 20 August 2020

Daily Tarot. What awaits you today?


An important day ahead? Need advice on how to act, what to look for? Daily Tarot spread is here to help! Express fortune telling with just one card will give you a forecast and advice for today and tomorrow.

Daily Tarot reading helps you to:

  • know what life is bringing to you right now;
  • get a clue if you are in dilemma;
  • understand your problem;
  • find out the nature of an issue;
  • see if the things are going to escalate and how you can manage that;
  • know what requires your attention;

Many people prefers to go hard than to realize and assess a situation, but fortune-telling brings you an understanding of consequences that your actions may lead to. It is always better to understand what your attitude may cost you before you make decisions. There’s a great tool for examining your life and that’s Tarot. The Daily Tarot is a simple yet effective tool that you can use always and everywhere!

If you don’t have a paper deck yet try the Daily Tarot online. Modern times require modern decisions, and latest technology allows us to make accurate fortune-telling anytime! And now we are going to make an express card reading for today.

Who can use the Daily Tarot spread?

1.       Beginner masters of Tarot. Fortune-telling on the Tarot “Card of the Day” is considered ideal for beginners, since it does not require a complex spread and multiple interpretations. One card – one tip and the ability to quickly memorize the meaning of the cards.

2.       Those wishing to get fast advice. Daily Tarot is capable to warn you of doing something, call for action or even protect you from a lie. If you are having a hard day and you can’t manage your huge to-do list – pull out the card and get your advice!

3.       Those who want to see where they are heading to. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is difficult to determine the cause and effect of an issue. Daily Tarot shows you the situation from the inside. There is no difference between online and offline card reading. Both ways are equally helpful.

Important! Don’t fortune-tell on everyday basis, otherwise the cards may lose their power and accuracy. If you have your routine days there is no point in getting predictions. Keep your deck strong and energized for the big days!

Now let’s do the Daily Tarot for free. You have two options:

1.       If you have a deck of Tarot cards

2.       If no deck do your Daily Tarot online using our original practice


Step-by-step divination technique if you have Tarot cards

1.       It is better to foretell for the current day in the morning or the night before. Allow yourself 5 to 10 minutes of your time to be alone for this and not being disturbed.

2.       Shuffle the deck thoroughly, select any 10 cards and place them on the desk. If most of them laid upside down, it is better to postpone the fortune-telling to another day, the cards will not give accurate advice now. If the majority is in a straight position proceed with card reading.

3.       Pick 22 Major Arcana out of the deck.

4.       Shuffle them questioning how’s it going to be today and draw one card. You can ask either aloud or to yourself. You may formulate your question differently, but it is important to do it during the shuffle.

5.       Look at the Tarot card of the day. If you are a beginner you may not bother yourself with considering the card’s position. Straight or upside-down – read the symbol only.

6.       Try to think about the meaning of the card. It is useful to write down the result of the fortune-telling so that at the end of the day you can think again about what the advice was. So you accustom your consciousness to control, to understand all aspects of fortune-telling, the nuances of the energy that affects the situation.

7.       For your comfort and time efficiency, you can use Daily Tarot online. It is simple and available to everyone. Online process is even easier: ask a question, click guess button and get your Tarot forecast with clarifications.

Important! If you didn’t like the result, don’t foretell again. Stop abusing the cards. Tarot is not fun! Try to understand what the cards want to tell you and take this advice. It is not recommended to foretell several times a day!

Get an immediate advice of Tarot Card of the Day!

Right now you can read fortunes online for the present or tomorrow! Make an express Daily Tarot spread for free. That’s fast and simple.

You need to:

1.       Ask yourself: what to expect today

2.       Watch a video of fast-paced maps. Press STOP when intuition prompts you

3.       Remember the card that you come across and read the transcript

One card Daily Tarot interpretation

·         Magician. It is the energy of plans and the ability to achieve goals. The time has come to start or continue new projects and business. Today everything you need is at your fingertips! Go for it!

·         The High Priestess. Trust your intuition, don’t force things! Pay attention to your feelings today, and listen to your inner voice – it will tell you what to do.

·         Empress. This is the tarot card of the day – a card of good fortune, creativity and fertility. It’s time to show yourself, show your creative talents and take decisive action. Any undertakings will give a good result!

·         Emperor. Think rationally today, calculate and check. Weigh everything and get into action! A mentor or partner can help you – take the advice.

·          The Hierophant. Today is the time for spiritual affairs, reflection, traditions. Perhaps today a wise mentor or official teacher will appear on your way to help you in your spiritual search.

·         Lovers. Today you have to make an important decision and choose which path to follow. Also, this card can represent a romantic adventure that involves a test or a need to make a choice.

·         Chariot. This tarot card is a card of progress and a clear goal. It is important today to stay focused and control emotions in order to keep moving forward. The chariot can also represent a journey that will open up new possibilities for you.

·         Strength. Now is the time for decisive and wise action. At the moment, you are in a strong position and are able to resist the one who puts pressure on you. Today there is no need to slow down and hesitate, to feel shyness and compliance!

·         Hermit. It’s time to reflect and slow down. Now is the time to get away from the hustle and bustle and search for the truth alone. This is a time of patient waiting and switching attention to yourself.

·         Wheel of Fortune. This tarot card of the day brings a change for the better! Finally, there are beneficial changes and long-term progress. Set in motion the forces that lead to growth and this will make life better.

·         Justice. Time to make a decision! It will be good if you try to take into account the other person’s point of view before making your choice. Then everything will be really fair!

·          Hanged. It’s time to pause today, to give yourself a break. You need to reconsider your attitude, your goals and priorities so that you don’t stray from the path. Everything is going slowly, but in the right way!

·          Death. There is a need for drastic changes. It’s time to get rid of unnecessary relationships, events and turn on the path leading to a new stage. It is necessary to get rid of everything unnecessary or obsolete.

·         Moderation. This is a map of friendship, cooperation and reconciliation, communication and finding a compromise. Today you can work harmoniously and patiently with other people. Moderation and wise communication are the keys to success.

·         Devil. Something bothers you. Perhaps this is a problematic relationship, work under the duress, a conflict with loved ones. Take a close look at reality – it’s time to turn your face to your fears and what is holding you back and fight it.

·        Tower. This is a violation of plans and a destruction of the old way of life. The usual way of life today will collapse, there will be problems in business and relationships. Don’t cling to the old, but don’t plan anything new yet!

·         Star. This is a card of protection, promise, joy, inspiration, good present and spiritual happiness. Your guardian angel protects you. The result will be exactly as you expected, you will soon see it yourself.

·         Moon. You are warned about deception, lies, dishonesty, or your self-deception. Beware of careless actions and evil words today! You can also find a worthy use for your talents in literature, painting, acting, dancing.

·         The Sun. Do not deny yourself the pleasure! Life is Beautiful! Today, everything will be easy if you invest energy, positivity and talent. Time with good friends or kids pays off. You will withstand all the trials of the day with honor if you do not despair.

·         Court. It is now that the finest hour has come, which gives you a chance to change and improve something. If you are thinking about changing your profession, then the decision you made will be successful. If you’re worried about health, this card predicts healing and recovery.

·         World. Everything is going well, smoothly and according to plan, success is just around the corner. You will receive what is rightfully yours. Your actions today: be confident in yourself and that the victory is yours. And of course, think about the next goal!

·          Fool. Promising opportunities may emerge, replacing those that have brought grief. This card suggests that you need to take risks with optimism and self-confidence. Just don’t cling to the old!

You’ve just made your Daily Tarot on your own. What card did you get? Share your prediction in the comments below.

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