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Children Line Palm Reading


Questioning yourself “How many kids will I have”? Are you curious if it is going to be a boy or a girl, what will be the difference in age between your children, are they going to have health issues? Palmistry will give an answer to all these questions through the children’s lines on the hand. In this article, you will find out how to interpret these lines. So get your palms ready!

Interpreting the children lines on the hand is a fascinating, responsible and at the same time complicated process. Often, children lines are short, faint and subtle or in the contrary there might be too many of them. How do you know how many children you will have? In order to give an exact answer to this question, it is recommended to examine both hands of a woman, as well as the palms of her husband.

Where is the children line located?

Which line on the hand stands for children? Look at the edge of the hand, in the area between the line of the heart and the root of the little finger, which is considered the finger of Mercury. Palmists claim that this is where the marriage line originates, which is responsible for relationships with the opposite sex. The children lines look like outgrowths extending upward from the line of marriage.

Линия детей на руке

Important: the large number of thin lines extending from the marriage line does not indicate that you are destined to be a mother of many children! These are just the chances that you may have children, and how they will be turned in life depends on your will and karmic predisposition.

Линия детей на руке

Children line on a woman’s hand: interpretation

How to interpret the line of children on a woman’s hand? The science of palmistry gives a comprehensive answer to questions related to the birth of children.

Is it possible to determine the gender of the child by the hand? Certainly! A long and distinctive line indicates the birth of a boy, a short and less visible line means a girl.

If the lines of the children are located close to each other, this means that there will be a small age difference between your children.

The order of birth of children is defined based on the position of the lines relative to the edge of the palm. The line that is closest to the rib stands for the firstborn, that is, a long and clear line of children at the very edge of the marriage line indicates that you will have a son first.

Important: Sometimes there are two lines of children of the same length on the palm but with different thickness. This suggests that you will have a son and daughter, but it is the girl who will become everyone’s favorite.

The closer the line of children is to the edge of the palm, the more likely you are to become a young mother. If the line of children on the woman’s hand is closer to the end of the marriage line, you are destined to give birth to a baby at mature age. If a woman destined by fate to be married once and have 1 child with this marriage, then the line of children is also located at the very end of the marriage line.

Children who are just about to be born are represented by coarse lines. Already born babies are in the form of distinctive lines on the palm.

Palmistry even allows you to determine the attitude towards the unborn child! If parents love their offspring with all their heart (this especially applies to the mother), then the child’s line starts from the very heart line.

The number of children lines of husband and wife may not coincide. If a husband has many lines, then this may mean an offspring already born in marriage, future children and the “sins of youth” – illegitimate children, which a man may not even know about.

Nowadays, the line of children on a woman’s hand does not always give an unambiguous idea of ​​the number of offspring. A mother-to-be may be given many opportunities for pregnancy that she will not take advantage of while taking contraceptives. Thus, the potential for the birth of a child is reduced by at least two times. If there are few such lines on the hand, one should think about conception, and if there are many, then it is important to realize that not all “attempts” will be successful.

Линия детей на руке

Interpreting the children lines on a hand: special signs

We figured out the basics of palmistry connected with the line of children on the hand. Now take a look at information regarding special signs that may appear on the children line or in the direct proximity to it.

  • Square. This sign indicates that there may be some critical or dangerous situations in a child’s life – illness, accidents. But the kid will cope with them and come out the winner from the most dangerous situations. The closer the square is to the line of marriage, the earlier hardship may fall on the child and his family.
  •  Islet. Indicator of health problems. The location of this sign will help you understand exactly when to expect illnesses.
  • Sloping line. The relationship between the child and the parent will be difficult. Estrangement is expected between them. This may be due to the “spirit of contradiction” of the adolescent or the authoritarian style of parenting.
  •  A wavy line is a sign of poor health, literally from the first days of life.
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