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Career Horoscope for Your Zodiac sign


Do you enjoy doing your job? Do you feel happy when doing business activities or creative work? Or do you tend to change your work year after year because you feel that it is not what are you supposed to do? If you want that work brings you joy and satisfaction as well as money and recognition, you need to define your life purpose and follow it. How to find your destination using your Zodiac sign? Career horoscope for each Zodiac sign: find out in this article.

Aries career horoscope

Aries career horoscope for men

Male Aries have a quite diverse characteristics in terms of field of activities. They tend to come along well with technology, can be good at business and real estate, since their patron, the planet of Mars is responsible for this type of activities. Aries love to spend time abroad, therefore they make excellent entrepreneurs, whose business is associated with business trips and contacts with foreign partners.

Aries can be involved in law making. All “man professions” are good for them such as: firefighters, military personnel, discoverers, athletes. The element of fire is associated with medicine, so Aries man can fulfill themselves in the field of surgery and dentistry.

Traits of character of Aries women: career and finances

The main trait of the Aries is dedication, and therefore such women usually succeed in moving up the career ladder and in developing their own business.

Aries have exceptional organizational skills, however a woman of this fire sign is having a hard time being someone’s subordinate.

Aries women are best in the following professional areas:

  • design;
  • medicine;
  • management;
  • warfare.

Aries women are not just hardworking – their work is always rewarded according to merit and they rarely have financial problems. The Aries woman is not a spender, but she always spends money with a light heart, because generosity is another important characteristic of Aries woman.

scorpio career horoscope

Taurus career horoscope

Career recommendations for Taurus man

The main characteristic of Taurus man is the ability to perform work that would require a high-quality result. They do everything in their own way and do not like to be criticized. They usually try to take the leading roles.

The Taurus man belongs to the earth element; therefore, such a person will always be attracted to professions related to nature. These can be all sorts of areas of agriculture, as well as ecology. Taurus men can successfully fulfill themselves as architects and housebuilders.

Thanks to the patronage of Venus, a man with an ascending Taurus can make a good financial expert. He is good at economics and, at the same time, work related to creativity. That is, a Taurus man can be a good investor, work as a fashion designer, stylist, jeweler, decorator, film director or composer.

Taurus women. Career prospects

Such women can show their persistence and versatile mind in such areas as finance, accounting, and banking industry. Taurus women feel great in the field of art; they can be painters, musicians, singers, models, designers, play in films and in the theater. Their beauty is pleasing to the eye, and their artistic talent is revealed over the years.

For Taurus women it is recommended to do gardening, growing and selling flowers, farming. Another area of ​​activity suitable for them is real estate. Taurus can be agents or have their own real estate agency.

Gemini career horoscopes

Gemini man: work and career

Because Geminis are naturally sociable, they make good journalists. Any profession related to information and communication perfectly suits this sign: marketing, diplomacy, literature, teaching. New ideas easily come to their minds, including those related to business or science.

But Gemini men need help when it comes to stage when an idea needs to be turned into real life and hard work begins, requiring elaboration of details. Geminis are lazy, especially when it comes to physical work.

The Gemini man is often gifted with a talent for languages, he can study them at any age. Accordingly, they are good at such professions as translator, travel agent, travel guide.

The most suitable fields of activity in which the Gemini sign excels are: working with clients, advertising, marketing, informational activity, tourism, travel, teaching, PR, journalism, directing, journalism, law, real estate – everything that concerns active communication with people.

Career recommendations for Gemini women

If there is a choice between work or household, Gemini usually choose work, communication and teamwork. They do an excellent job at active work requiring quick reaction. Activities related to information, numbers, communication, money, creative work are very suitable for them.

There are many excellent journalists, writers, and actresses among Gemini women. They can fulfill themselves in commerce; they can be good sellers, promoters, advertisers. Another passion of Gemini is travel, so it is recommended for them working in a travel agency or have their own.

Cancer work horoscopes

Cancer man: work and career

If talking about professional capacities, then Cancers are very versatile personalities. Among them there are many people of creative professions who were able to achieve success and popularity. Cancer men can be designers and artists, poets and musicians. Professions that require attention, concentration and serious knowledge are also good for them. Cancers can be doctors, lawyers, judges, and scientists. Catering, trade, service provision, pedagogy may well give Cancers a good fulfillment.

By the way, read how to change your profession, and which career suits you according to astrology.

Among the richest people in the world, many were born under the Cancer zodiac sign. This suggests that Cancer men not only know how to make money, but also how invest it wisely and multiply it. Cancers have an innate intuition for successful projects, in addition, they strive to increase their wealth in order to provide for all family members and their offspring.

They know how to choose the most interesting investment option, preferring real estate, investment funds.

Career recommendations for Cancer women

They prefer to take care of others, work with children, people, work in a team. Cancer women have a good memory, but the speed of work, reaction, attention to detail, numbers leaves much to be desired. It is recommended for them to engage in activities related to people care (educators, nurses, doctors), social work, creativity (acting, singing, drawing, handicrafts).

They love to travel, relax in comfort, receive guests, therefore they can successfully work in a travel agency or run their own hotel, cafe. Cancer women will find themselves in spiritual practices, yoga, esotericism, astrology. They have excellent ability to learn foreign languages ​​and philosophy.

virgo career horoscope

Leo career horoscope

Career recommendations for Leo man

The Leo man’s untutored confidence makes him a natural leader. He is a simple person with a unique ability to organize and motivate people around him. A Leo can be successful at any career and he can be who he wants, however the fields where Leo will be able to show his best qualities is politics, social work, event management, sports, sales and clothing design.

Sociability and genius for acting as well as the desire to be in the in the limelight makes is possible for Leo to find his calling on the stage of the theater or in the movie industry.

Career recommendations for Leo women

It is the best for Leo women to work in a large team, in their own company, because they yearn for public recognition! Lion women can easily communicate with people from different social strata, they are very tolerant, they know how to compliment (but they expect to be complimented in return!).

These women can become good diplomats, journalists, they are effective administrators and managers. It is recommended for them to engage in creative work, beauty, fashion, acting, everything where they can shine and enjoy the attention of other people.

Virgo career horoscope

Virgo man: work and career

The basic conception of the Virgo man is that work is a place where you have to constantly learn and grow. Usually Virgo man are keen to receive additional training and skills. At the same time, the representatives of this sign are motivated by the desire to better cope with their duties. Remember that they always strive for excellence. In terms of career, they are doing a good job in profession where they can correct, make improvements, find inaccuracies. Virgo is a zodiac sign that initially loves to criticize, so they make excellent editors, proofreaders, appraisers, and company managers.

Often Virgo build their careers in medicine. They love to help all those who are in suffering. Among them there are many doctors of both traditional and alternative medicine. In addition, they know how to give advice, so they perfectly show their best qualities is such professional area as consultancy.

Perhaps the only area which Virgos should avoid is politics. They lack sharpness and activity to push the interests of the state and their voters.

It should be remembered that Virgo is a person who is extremely good at analytical work. Therefore, they make good bank workers, financiers, auditors, analysts, lawyers. In addition, Virgo is a leisurely sign and does a good job with routine work. There are many restorers and jewelers among them. Virgo men can make very good money, but they feel uncomfortable when their freedom of action is limited.

Career recommendations for Virgo women

They adapt well enough to any kind of work, but they show themselves best in intellectual activities, mental work, accounting. They are good at such professions as audit, management, business administration, they are diligent office workers, good teachers. Among Virgo women there are many writers and scientists. They can fulfill themselves in the field of art, painting, astrology.

Libra career horoscope

Libra man: work and career

The Libra zodiac sign endows a man with ambition. The representative of this constellation knows exactly what he wants and knows how to set serious goals. Libra is not afraid to dream and confidently move forward, infecting colleagues and subordinates with his enthusiasm. However, there is one problem: Libra often lacks rigidity. They are sensitive to criticism and failures which can result in a long-lasting low mood. Libra knows how to select a great team of like-minded people. They know which of the employees should be entrusted with the specific work. When it comes to finance, Libra has good periods of business and periods of recession. This is a great opportunity to learn how to manage finances, not only to earn money, but also to increase income.

Libra has excellent public speaking and persuasion skills. They should try to fulfill themselves in areas related to communication with people. They can work as salespeople, lawyers, coaches, educators, public relations managers. They will be good in real estate sales, marketing and advertising. Creative sphere shouldn’t be ignored either. Having the patronage of Venus, Libra men can fulfill themselves in art, music, television, and interior design. They make good architects, stage directors and choreographers.

Career recommendations for Libra women

Their fondness for communication and justice makes them good lawyers, judges and teachers, politicians and police officers. Libra women know how to “reach out” to any person, so they can be psychologists, consultants, doctors. They also have interest for art; they are good actresses; they love singing and performing in public.

gemini career horoscope

Scorpio career horoscope

Scorpio man: work and career

The Scorpio constellation pushes men to play the role of “Grey Eminence”. They can reach success in the career, achieve a high level of professionalism, but they avoid being in the spotlight. Such approach to work pushes Scorpios to choose rather specific professions, such as photographers, investigators, private detectives, and secret service employees.

The ability to get down to reach the bedrock makes Scorpios great researchers and scientists. Thanks to strength, endurance, dexterity, and dedication (the influence of the planet Mars), Scorpions makes good soldiers, rescuers, athletes, surgeons and resuscitators. They have the talent to lead, heal, and teach. Creative professions are also well suited for them. Scorpios make talented composers and musicians, artists and writers.

Scorpio is one of the signs associated with money, so that he can build a successful career in industries such as banking and finance, property valuation, financial analytics, and accounting. Resource management is a great profession for a Scorpio, just like logistics, Scorpios make outstanding CFOs.

The Scorpio man can be an excellent psychologist or psychiatrist. Not only will he be able to treat mental disorders, but also help the patient to find out what is causing the disease. Scorpios also rely on their intuition to help the patient cope with frustration and stress. They also have the talent of penetrating in someone’s mind without causing too much inconvenience.

Career recommendations for Scorpio women

They are very artistic, good at dancing, theater, cinema, they can gain worldwide recognition due to their talent and brightness.

The Scorpio woman will be able to find herself in medicine, they are very conscientious doctors, surgeons, they can work in pharmaceuticals. They are also attracted to civil service, legal work, courts and military affairs (the influence of Mars).

In addition, they can be famous astrologers, magicians, psychologists. Scorpio women are good managers; they are demanding, but they care for the business and employees with all their hear and soul.

Sagittarius career horoscope

Career recommendations for Sagittarius man

Sagittarius usually have many interests, ideas and plans, and they invest all their resources to turn them into real life. Many Sagittarius men are great in business, and they make talented entrepreneurs.

A clear understanding of the big picture can also help them become great managers. They are good at interacting with people and are good at explaining their ideas to the team.

The Sagittarius man is very active, so a career in sports, travel and tourism is suitable for him.

Sagittarius can also be great teachers and writers.

Career Horoscope for Sagittarius woman

They are great teachers; they can get in the rights side of different people. Sagittarius women can be professors or writers, they can also successfully work as lawyers, accountants, librarians.

Since they are attracted to spirituality and esotericism, they can successfully consult on astrology, magic, religions.

Sagittarius women make good doctors and veterinarians, it is recommended for them to engage to various medical professions, as well as research work and work in laboratories.

Capricorn career horoscopes

Capricorn man: work and career

The Capricorn sign rarely makes snap decisions. Capricorns are convinced that high positions are achieved not through luck, but as a result of hard work, therefore they study well from childhood. If Capricorn chooses a specific majoring in college, then this was in his plans, he will not change his mind and will go stubbornly towards the goal.

Reasonable Capricorns do well in court, they make excellent lawyers. Very often they hold high positions in government agencies. Others choose to devote their career to architecture, become engineers: a sense of aesthetics and a mathematical mindset complement each other in their character. Capricorn men prefer work where they are in charge of everything.

With their patience, sense of responsibility, and hard work, Capricorns rarely fail. They take their time to achieve goals without missing a single detail, but they get what they want and as a rule, tend to be financially stable. These are the people who achieved everything themselves.

In business, there is no better companion than Capricorn. He will always estimate all the risks, thanks to which the result will be of high quality and sustainable. Consequently, such areas as construction, work in a bank, real estate, law, programming are well suited for them.

Astro Career recommendations for Capricorn woman

They feel comfortable working on responsible positions, in the power structures and administrations. A Capricorn woman can be an excellent administrator due to her exceptional organizational skills.

Capricorns can work as architects, bank clerks, auditors and in other similar positions. Capricorns can make famous scientists, politicians and influential people. However, it will be necessary to work hard in order to achieve success.

Aquarius career horoscope

Aquarius man: work and career

When it comes to work, Aquarius man are committed to honesty and full self-realization, as in relationships. First of all, they value positive emotions that the chosen field of activity can give. As a subordinate, Aquarius creates many problems for the leader. On the one hand, he literally blows with ideas, shines with erudition and successfully copes with any tasks, and on the other hand, he is doing well well with the requirements of corporate discipline, fails to meet the deadlines and often sabotages new ideas. If you give Aquarius complete freedom of self-realization, it will bring good results. The Aquarius man can easily and quickly earn big money and then spend them without regret.

Job Astrology: Career recommendations for Aquarius woman

They do an excellent job with mental work, they can be famous teachers, recognized scientists, talented writers. They are very suitable for activities related to the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge, information, sociological orientation.

There are many excellent television and radio presenters, journalists among Aquarius women. They can fulfill themselves in the computer industries, design, can successfully work in a team for the good of a common cause.

Pisces career horoscopes

Pisces man: work and career

If a Pisces man have to choose between a career and self-fulfillment, then he will give prefer the work that brings him pleasure. This is because the sign of Pisces did not endow its representatives with ambitions and status seeking. Pisces choose to live by their own laws, they do not try to prove their worth in society.

What is really important for a man who was born under the zodiac sign of Pisces is his usefulness, the ability to reveal his inner world and develop abilities given by nature. The best sphere of realization for Pisces is art, creativity, helping people. Nature has endowed Pisces with a powerful intuition, so they can work as psychologists, astrologers, as well as specialists in various fields of esotericism.

Pisces men are excellent educators, lawyers and doctors, as well as priests. They are suited to work related to charity. Everything that can benefit those in need inspires Pisces. Taking into account the fact that Pisces is very fond of the water element, they can be self-fulfilled as fishermen, navigators, oceanographers, ecologists, specialists in marine flora and fauna.

Career Horoscope for Pisces woman

They prefer professions related to creativity, acting, writing, visual arts. Pisces women are sophisticated fashionistas, they can be designers, models or photographers.

Since care and mercy is in nature of this sign, they can be doctors, nurses, veterinarians. Activities related to catering, restaurants, fashionable cafes are also suitable for Pisces women. They are hospitable, know how to please other people, treat and entertain.

Pisces women will fulfill themselves in esotericism, spiritual practices, yoga, astrology. They have excellent healing and philosophy skills.

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