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How to Predict the Future by Date of Birth: 3 Effective Prediction Techniques


Has it ever occurred to you that numerology isn’t only a tool for identifying person’s personality traits or calculating a fortunate date? Having the numerological knowledge, you can answer to the question “what does my birthday says about me?” . And today we will discuss how to predict the future using the birthday numerology. We would like to draw your attention to 3 powerful predictive techniques in numerology.

How to predict the future by date of birth using numerology? This knowledge in the form of birthday analysis will make it possible to estimate your immune system condition in a certain year as well as to predict the quality of your life and the way your energy will be distributed in the present and future.

How to predict the future by date of birth using numerology

1. Drawing up an immunity chart 

Every year a person is experiencing different events including those related to health. It is very important to understand in what specific periods you can expect a certain state of energy, health, immunity, whether the body will be strong or weak.

Imagine how great it would be to know in advance in which year of your life you will feel good, and which year requires more attention to your health! The good news is this can be done through your immunity system chart.

So what is the way to predict the future using birthdate numerology in order to strengthen your health: we will prepare the immunity chart.

For this to happen, make a table with 7 columns. You can have as much columns as you wish, in our example we drew 8 lines.

Write down your date of birth in numerical terms, for example 02.10.1992. Now you need to multiply the day by the month and the year:

10 * 2 * 1992 = 39840

Then write down the result (the number that you got) into a 7-column table as follows:


If there are not enough digits in the birthday number to fill 7 columns, then just leave zeros in the blank cells, as shown in our example.

Now, in the first column, write down the year of your birth (in our example, under the number 3 we wrote 1992), in the second column write the next year – 1992, in the third – 1993, and so on. When you enter the year in the 7th column, move to the next line. Complete the entire table.

Then, take a look at the year you’re interested in. Let’s take the current one – 2019, we see that it is located in the column under the number “0”. This means that in 2019 you will be short of energy, your body will be weakened and you will feel a lack of vitality. This can cause health problems; it is advisable to pay more attention to the way you feel and to have a medical check. The same interpretation will be in the case when the year you are interested in is in the column with the number 1.


Here’s the alternative numerology birthday meanings in columns with different numbers:

2-3 – the state of health will be more or less normal, but in general, this value is insufficient for good health.

4-6 – good condition, immune system is strong, health condition is normal.

7-8 is a great result! Excellent state of immunity.

As you can see, according to the immunity schedule, everything tends to be cyclical and repeats every 7 years.

Make such a schedule for yourself and your loved ones so that you understand when to be especially careful about your health, diet, and lifestyle. By analyzing the table, you will be able to understand and predict your future years.


Lets make a chart of life quality 

In this technique, I will tell you how to predict the future by date of birth or what does your birthday mean in terms of life quality. It shows how your life will develop in different years in general: social fulfillment, health, career, luck, everyday issues.

Make a table with 8 columns and enter the birthday numbers in the top line. In our example, this is 02.10.1992, so we enter the number 1 in the first cell, 0 in the second, 0 in the third, 2 in the fourth, and so on. Then, starting from the 2nd row, fill in the cells with years of life, as shown in the example:


Now let’s interpret the chart. Again, let’s take a look at the year of interest and what column it is in, under what number.

The standard value in the life quality chart is considered to be a number from 4 to 6. If less, it means that this year the life quality will deteriorate, if higher, then it will be above average and this is a good result.

If you have 0 or 1 for both charts in the same year, this indicates rather difficult times when problems arise with both health and quality of life. In this case, I recommend paying attention to nutrition and lifestyle:

  • exclude heavy food
  • drink more water
  • adjust the daily routine
  • get into healthy habits – do sports, be outdoors more often
  • get rid of bad habits: smoking, alcohol, overeating, etc.
  • take a medical check, etc.

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3. Let’s make a chart of vitality distribution 

Through this predictive technique you will learn how to predict future specifically in terms of vitality using birthday numerology.

Write down your date of birth in numbers, and multiply the numbers together, as shown in the example from the first technique:

Make as follows for February 10, 1992:


Make a table with 2 columns and 7 rows. In the cells of the first column, write the years in 12-year cycles: from 0 to 12 years in the 1st cell, etc. In the second column, enter the numbers of the result obtained, as shown in the example:


The vitality distribution chart shows whether you will have a sufficient level of energy and good luck for a certain period, whether you will be on a roll. Or the other way round, things will go crosswise and the energy will vanish.

Using this predictive technique, you will be able to analyze the periods of your life and identify favorable periods. For this chart, indicators from 4 to 6 are considered as normal.

In our example, such a period falls within the time period from 13 to 36 years old: we see the numbers 9 and 8 – this is the maximum indicator, 4 means decrease, and starting from 49 years we see zeros, these are periods when the energy will be reduced.

In the periods where you have 0 in your calculations, you need to pay attention to your health, lifestyle and nutrition, what kind of people surround you, the way you live. Be as attentive to yourself as possible, and then things will be getting better.

Now you can answer the question “what does my birthday mean?” astrology and numerology always help you!

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