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How to confess your feelings to get love in return? Astrologers know the answer!


We have already learned that women and men are very different, and that means that the answer to “How to confess your love?” will be different for mew and women. Declaration of love is a special stage in a relationship. Vedic astrologers remind that different zodiac signs also have a very different approach to communication. Therefore, some lovers talk about their feelings easily and without tension, while others are silent until the last, unable to open their hearts to the object of their passion!

Before plunging into reading, please note that the Jyotish uses the meaning of an ascending sign, not the one we are used to. It is calculated based on the time and place of birth of a person. This is a sign that was above the eastern part of the horizon at the time the personality was born. Before reading the article, calculate your ascending sign, it may differ from the usual one.


Fiery, passionate, temperamental and self-confident Aries are used to act spontaneously. They can confess tender feelings without preliminary preparation, as if just by the way. Although, it is worth paying tribute: representatives of this sign can furnish the uttering of an intimate phrase with real aplomb! If they are in a romantic mood, hold on to a candlelit dinner, beautiful music and other important attributes. After all, they know how beautiful it is to confess their love!

Tip: Aries are distinguished by high self-esteem, and they, even in their thoughts, do not admit that the object of their love yearning is capable of refusing after a confession of feelings. Aries, be ready to hear “let’s stay friends”, just like that, just in case, so as not to lose face and not lose your temper from disappointment and shame.


Solid and serious Taurus are not used to scattering words and promises. Maybe they don’t know how to confess their love in verse, but if they do it, they do it with the most serious intentions.

Tip: “I love you” said by the Taurus is a clear confirmation that they are ready to move to a new level of relationship. Dear representatives of this earth sign, before buying an engagement ring and booking a table in an expensive restaurant, weigh the pros and cons! After all, the refusal of your adored half can truly break your proud but tender heart.



Frivolous Gemini, under the auspices of the crafty Mercury, do not attach too serious importance to the phrase “I love you”. They can say these words as gratitude for support, or simply guided by an outburst of tender feelings.

Tip: Our astrologers recommend that Gemini treat their confessions with a great degree of responsibility. Saying “I love you” when they mean it or no, they simply devalue these sacred words. Gemini should remember that for other signs of the zodiac, such important three words can be serious, be careful not to hurt their feelings.


Emotional, timid and sensitive Cancers confess their love only when they are fully convinced of the seriousness of their feelings. It is important for them to feel their love deeply to realize that it will not disappear in the near future. Therefore, it will take a long time to wait for the words “I love you” from Cancer.

Tip: you know well how beautiful it is to declare your love! Allow yourself to love and be loved, open up to new feelings and don’t be afraid of them. Life is beautiful and amazing, but sometimes you are afraid to enjoy all its colors and hide inside your protective “shell”. Give a chance to new relationships, because sometimes it’s really worth the risk!


Solar Lions are not used to hiding their feelings. They confess their love as soon as they realize this incredible emotion! This sign is sure that love is a great gift and should be shared generously.

Tip: Before making your chosen one happy, think about how to confess your love. Everyone knows that Leos are unusually truthful, so their words can and should be trusted. But, nevertheless, it is better to take care of the special atmosphere when you are ready to open your heart to your loved one.



It is extremely difficult to hear a declaration of love from Virgos. They are rather stingy with verbal expressions of feelings and almost never go first to a frank conversation. Virgos are more likely to allow themselves to be loved. But don’t think that indifference is hidden behind their laconicism! Representatives of the earth element are capable of strong feelings, just before they say out loud “I love you”, they must realize whether this is really so.

Tip: Try to find inspiration to acknowledge your feelings. For this it is useful to read romantic literary works and watch love dramas, but, of course, with a happy ending!


The hesitant and insecure Libra do not tend to open their hearts until they are 100% confident in themselves and in their partner. At first they think for a long time, is this love? Then, convinced of the strength of the new feeling, they are afraid of being rejected. Therefore, they do not always succeed in speaking beautifully about their lofty feelings.

Tip: Libras are aesthetes, literally obsessed with romance. Once you realize that you truly love, do not hide your feelings! You do not need to be taught how to confess your love, because beauty is in your blood. Just go for it and be happy!


Scorpios find it difficult to adapt to changes, and this applies not least to personal life. For them, comfort, stability and faith in tomorrow are important, so representatives of this water sign would rather wait for recognition from their partner than be the first to talk about their feelings.

Tip: You are known as great originals, lovers of mysticism and everything mysterious. Most likely, if you are ripe to confess your feelings, you will do it in some unexpected way. Before taking action, think about how to confess your love. You should not scare your lover, make riddles for him or involve him in incredible intricate quests. Let it be better the old fashioned way, and you will still have time to play enough in “Fam Fatal” and “Don Juan”!



Sagittarians know how to confess their love and they do it confidently, as if they were simply stating a fact. They are used to being open in relationships and presenting the object of their feelings before the fact. The next step is to gain mutual recognition or be rejected. Sagittarius, being under the auspices of the fire element, hard to accept refusals and disappointments, it is difficult for them to come to terms with the fact that a beloved or beloved does not experience the same intensity of passions.

Tip: Sagittarius love extreme sports. Therefore, they can arrange something extraordinary from a declaration of love, for example, a pair jump with a parachute or a hang-glider flight … Think carefully, will your loved one be delighted with such a “attraction”?


For Capricorns, a declaration of love is like a serious test of strength. Unfortunately, their partner will have to take the first step and say the cherished words. Those who expect “I love you” from Capricorns will be disappointed. It’s not about coldness, but rather about the emotional restraint of the representatives of this earth sign.

Tip: Capricorns, if you are not ready to talk about their feelings, help your partner open their hearts first. Get in the mood for a romantic wave, learn to leave work-related tasks and business ideas in the office. And on a date, indulge in a love mood!


Most of all, Aquarians are afraid of losing their freedom. Love for them, first of all, is an addiction! They are afraid that as soon as they utter the coveted phrase of three words, they will lose power over themselves. And yet they open up to their beloved, however, only when they are completely sure that they will not change their mind.

Tip: To the question “How to declare your love?” Aquarians answer: “Original!” They do not like platitudes and prefer to demonstrate their feelings in some extraordinary way, rather than talk about them. Be prepared to see amazement on the face of your half, if you decide to testify your feelings in front of the “public”, not everyone likes such extravagant actions.


By their nature, Pisces are very sentimental, dreamy. They are sure that love makes them defenseless and vulnerable, so representatives of this water sign are in no hurry to be the first to open their hearts. They prefer to wait for the phrase “I love you” from the lips of their partner, and then get confirmation of this recognition in the form of actions. It is important for Pisces to understand that reciprocity on their part will be the highest good for a partner. Only then will they be ready to open their hearts.

Tip: Pisces do not like to talk about love, they prefer to demonstrate their feelings with actions. It is difficult for them to let someone into their personal space, because of this, many Pisces remain lonely, despite the attractiveness and demand for the opposite sex. Be bolder! If you see that there is a faithful and reliable person next to you, open your heart to him, because you, like no one else, are worthy of love!

Astrology really works! With the help of this knowledge, you can harmonize your personal life: find a suitable partner, get married, improve relationships with your husband, save your marriage, remove the blocks that prevent you from being a happy woman.

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