We train professional astrologers, teach how to give professional advice and make money, give tips on how to improve your life, encourage people to help and change the surrounding world!

The Lakshmi School is a large school of Vedic astrology, numerology and chiromancy. Within the period of 2 years we have trained 4,000 people who are now successfully offering consultancy services and put learning into practice. 70% of graduates have turned astrology in their main profession and main source of income. 

Successful businessmen, millionaires from the Forbes list, famous singers and bloggers, politicians are among the clients and graduates of our school. 


Our curriculum is unique and is presented in the form of fusion of three sciences:

• Vedic astrology will give an accurate understanding of what a person has brought to this life and what fate awaits him

• Chiromancy will show the features of personality, events of the past and the future by examining the lines on the palms

• Numerology – will reveal the specific characteristics of the personality and the fate of a person by analyzing the date of birth and name

If you manage to acquire such knowledge, you will be able to come up with a psychological portrait of a person, understand his problems and inner experiences, help him to find the right solution, see his past and future.

In addition to training, we offer students to participate in our projects that would help them earn money from the second month of training and improve their knowledge.

 One of such projects is Astroclinic. Students consult people on a fee basis. The average income of an astrologer at the first stage of consultations is 10 thousand rubles per week. This helps them to compensate the training expenses during several weeks of practice. Totally, consultations for the value 1.5 million rubles have been conducted.

Our School will help you to achieve results and will not give up on you halfway. We will make a master of astrology out of you and you will understand that this is an ideal profession!

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